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About Brian


Brian E. Claypool, Esq., is a highly regarded trial attorney and has fast become a nationally recognized TV, legal, social and entertainment commentator. He is also the owner and managing general partner of The Claypool Law firm.

Mr. Claypool has a proven track record of success in tenaciously representing and advocating for his clients. Over the years, Mr. Claypool has conducted in excess of 70 jury trials to verdict with a 90% win rate, and has conducted an additional 5-10 bench trials throughout eleven counties.

An area close to Mr. Claypool’s heart has been as a child and civil rights advocate. He is one of the lead attorneys in the nationally recognized Miramonte child abuse case. Mr. Claypool also specializes in entertainment law and select criminal defense cases.

As a TV, legal, social and entertainment commentator, Mr. Claypool most recently provided commentary on Good Morning America on cases involving Justin Beiber, Courtney Love, and the New York Biker incident. Mr. Claypool contributes regularly on national shows on FOX, America’s News Headquarters, America’s Newsroom, Happening Now, and The Real Story with Gretchen Carlson. He also provided commentary on CNN Newsroom and the Ashleigh Banfield show. Mr. Claypool also makes regular appearances on HLN shows such as Nancy Grace, Jane Velez-Mitchell, Dr. Drew On Call, and HLN Newsroom. He was also a regular contributor to HLN news during the sensational Jodie Arias murder trial and appeared regularly on Megan Kelly’s highly rated show, America Live on FOX.

Mr. Claypool has also been a guest on national radio shows such as Geraldo Rivera, Larry Elder, and Peter Tildan. He is also a frequent guest on the #1 rated Los Angles talk radio show Jon and Ken on KFI AM 640.

Mr. Claypool learned early on, through the heroic example of his parents, about fighting tirelessly for the rights of others. Both parents fought in the military, defending the very freedoms and constitution that their son now fights to uphold on behalf of his clients. Through their bravery and example, Mr. Claypool developed the unfettered passion and dedication he pours into each and every case he takes on as well as each TV appearance he does. Stepping into the courtroom is not unlike his parents having stepped out onto the front line of battle. With each case Mr. Claypool tries he’s reminded of the courage, bravery and selflessness of his parents, who are both at rest in Arlington National Cemetery, and considers it an honor and privilege to continue their fight and legacy

Mr. Claypool obtained his Juris Doctorate degree from Villanova University School of Law in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and a minor in Business Administration from Penn State University. He also completed the Washington Semester Graduate Program in Economics at American University in Washington D.C. While in Washington D.C., Mr. Claypool served as a legislative assistant to U.S. Congressman John P. Murtha. Additionally, Mr. Claypool served as a law clerk to U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Judge James C. Hill in Atlanta, Georgia.

On a personal note, Mr. Claypool is a proud, single daddy of a precious little girl who is the light of his life. He also strives to strike a balance in his life by participating in sports, political events and various charitable organizations.


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