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Jane Velez-Mitchell

Brian on The Naked Truth with Jane-Velez Mitchell RE: Ray Rice Suspended Indefinitely After Shocking Video is Released

Brian Claypool Talks Michael Brown Gunfire Captured on Tape with Jane Velez-Mitchell

Brian Claypool on HLN with JVM re: Cursing Ferguson Cop Suspended

Claypool on Jane Velez-Mitchell RE: Michael Brown Autopsy

Brian Claypool on HLN with JVM re: Officer Badge Cams

New Police Dispatch Tapes Released in Micheal Brown Case

Reniesha McBride Trial: Murder or Mistake?

Jury Deliberates in Reniesha McBride Trial

6-Year-Old Jenise Wright Vanished Outside Her Family’s Mobile Home

New Developments in Missing Oregon Mom Case

Tech CEO Accused of Drugging and Raping a Woman

Leanna Harris’ Attorney Speaks Out

Reneisha McBride: Murder or Self Defense

Public Focus Shifts From Dad to Mom

Alaska Family of 4 Vanishes

Pastor Charged with Murder for Vegas Bar Fight

One Direction Headed the Wrong Direction – Caught Smoking Pot in Leaked Video

Seth Mazzaglia on Trial for Rape, Murder of Lizzi Marriott

Mom Beats and Stops Boy to Death

Utah Woman Kills Babies

New Developments in the Relisha Rudd Case

Man Accused of Killing Wife of Three Days

Relisha Rudd and Alledged Abducter Seen on Surveillance Tape

Ex-Cop Shoots Man at the Movie Theater for Texting

Hollywood Murder for Hire Plot

Boy in Toy Chest Starved to Death by Mom

Belle Knox: Duke Freshman Paying for Tuition by Bearing All

Hailey Owens: 10 Year Old Murdered

Michael Dunn Case: Murder or Self Defense Part 1

Michael Dunn Case: Murder or Self Defense Part 2

Michael Dunn Case: Murder or Self Defense Part 3

Curtis Reeves: Wills Alleged Florida Shooter Get Bail?

Michael Dunn Case: Fatal Argument Over Teens Music

Amanda Knox: I’m Not Going Back

Andrea Clevinger: Reality Star Arrested for Sexual Abuse

Cassandra Lynn Hensley Found Dead

3 Murder Suicides in Last 24 Hours

Police Brutality: Cops Caught on Camera Slapping Perp

Gipsy Willis Case: Tape of Defendant’s Daughter Played in Trial

Gipsy Willis Case: Doctor’s Mistress Testifies at Murder Trial

JonBenet: Grand Jury – Parent’s Knew Killer

Sharron & Josh Hakken Case: Paranoid Parents Kidnap Kids

School Principal Kill Husband

Jessica Ridgeway: Hunt for Killer

Sandusky Case: Man Claims to be Sandusky’s Victim #2

Sandusky Case: Penn State’s Total Disregard

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