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Brian Claypool has had a passion for charitable work since he was a child. At a very young age Brian lost his mother to breast cancer and he has since had a sense of urgency to carry on her legacy by advocating for disadvantaged children. Brian partakes in the current philanthropy events:

Brian will be launching a charity of his own soon named Claypool’s Corner. The┬ámission is to support children placed in foster care who are transitioning to adulthood since they are essentially kicked to the curb at age 18. Stay tuned for more info!

Brian is an active partner with Tickets for Kids Foundation (TFK), which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Years ago Brian created a charitable group called the Claypool’s Clan. Each year, Brian purchases several season tickets for Pittsburgh Pirates baseball games and donates the tickets to underprivileged kids who would never otherwise be able to go to a game. These kids range from troubled youth, foster kids, and abandoned or low income youth. Brian will send over the tickets with a baseball cap, baseball, and a story of his life. Brian hopes that by sharing his story with these kids, he can be a living testament to persevering through adversity and inspiring kids to never give up.

Brian is also on the board of directors of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, with former Division I Florida State football and NFL quarterback, Chris Rix. The purpose of this organization is to use sports as a medium to connect with young adults and inspire them to live a productive, purposeful, and inspirational life. The organization hopes to create awareness of the importance of being a positive role model for young adults.

is another organization that Brian is very closely connected to. Brian has donated extensively to the organization and is now assisting the board of directors by working on various committees to maintain and enact new policies and guidelines to insure the well being of the families who are involved with Hillsides. Their mission is to create a safe and stable environment for needy families during a time of profound trauma by serving as a transitional home for disadvantaged, abused, low income, and/or special needs kids and their parents.

By staying involved in charitable work and giving back to those in need, Brian Claypool has gained both a sense of internal satisfaction and accomplishment in carrying out the legacy of his lost mother.

Copyright 2014 Brian Claypool

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