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Brian Claypool on the Jane Velez Mitchell show Regarding Michael Dunn

Brain Claypool joins the Jane Velez-Mitchell show to discuss juror deliberations. After Michael Dunn shot 17 year old Jordan Davis nine times, guest analysts join in and discuss whether this was a hate crime or a case of self-defense. Brian Claypool argues that in a rebuttal the prosecution could have called the neighbor to testify. Dunn's neighbor would then be able to discuss Dunn's extreme right politica ...

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Brian Claypool – Discusses Closing Arguments in Utah Doctor’s Murder Trial

Fox News -- Brian Claypool joins the conversation at Fox News regarding Dr. Martin McNeill who is accused of murdering his wife to be with his mistress. The prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mrs. McNeill was murdered, and they also have to prove that Dr. McNeill committed the crime. Watch as Brian describes how the jurors gender may affect the results. ...

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Brian Claypool on HLN Discussing the Jodi Arias Retrial

Jodi Arias was convicted of the murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander by the first jury that heard the case. The jury determined that the crime was committed in "a cruel manner," which made her eligible for the death penalty. Brian Claypool joins the conversation on HLN News Now to discuss the retrial. He suggests that the prosecution sit down with the Alexander family and inform them of the different ...

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