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Remove Civil Immunity for Gun Manufacturers and Distributors

As a survivor of the worst mass shooting in US history (Las Vegas), I vowed to make change to prevent this from happening again. The time is now in the aftermath of the South Florida school shooting. By far, the NRA is the most powerful organization on the planet. They have brainwashed elected officials for decades placing money above public safety. Gun manufacturers and distributors much like states and th ...

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Mandated Reporter Laws Post South Florida School Shooting

In the wake of one of the worst mass shootings at a school in US history, Congress and states need to enact “mandated reporter” laws. If someone knows or has credible reason to believe that an individual is contemplating  and/or capable of carrying out a heinous act of violence, and they fail to report their suspicion, they face criminal prosecution as a “facilitator” or in the case of a social media portal ...

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New State and Federal Laws Needed to Force Early Disclosure of Sex Abuse Investigation of Minors

Given the stunning New York Times article revealing that it took the FBI over a year to investigate Nassar and during this time, many athletes under 18 were molested, we must have nationwide state and federal legislation addressing the following. First, if any school, day care centers University or government endorsed agencies (such as US Gymnastics) that work with or house kids under 18 must be required by ...

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